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Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer Barbecues Poolside

The Summer backyard is a place of memories. I can recount many fond Summer memories based on the 4th of July when my parents would hold the yearly family barbecue. They were the only ones with a good sized backyard and an above ground pool. The pool brought family together and created a focal point for activity and fun. I had garden responsibilities and pool supply responsibilities as a kid growing up.

As the tomatoes reached four feet so came July's heat. My grandparents would ask for a 'tour' of the garden and I would proudly show them what was growing. Of course back then... I grew the basic tomatoes and cucumbers. The heirlooms and more obscure vegetables came later. As I learned how to grow vegetables from my grandfather while growing up, I didn't realize that would stay with me a life time. After the garden tour we would break out all the pool rafts and other pool accessories. The family got to taste garden fresh cucumber salad while they cooled off in the pool and beat the heat of July.

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