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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Plaques and Signs to Stylize Your Garden Space

Address signs and address plaques are a great way to create character for your house. But did you know you can create gate signs, garden plaques and add other items to your garden that create a one of a kind space. I call my garden The Rusted Garden for one reason. This year I am looking to add some character to the entrance way. I found a site that has everything from bird baths to unique garden hose holders.They have so many things you can't find in a store.

What is that one reason for my garden's name? If you are interested in a house address plaque or a welcome plague or speciality plaque, you can find them all at Mailbox and Beyond. My garden is full of rusting items; old spades, old saws, broken rakes and even and old fire pit. The rust is character. In my mind anyway. The items are memories. Take a look at one  address plaque to see how the can vary in uniqueness. You'll find plaque and sign categories for just about anything to help you customize your house and garden. Maybe you don't have a garden... but imagine what a great gift a stylized sign would make for the gardener in your life.

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