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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Test Germinating Old Seeds: The Outcome in Pictures

I am planning on bringing 100 Vegetable Garden Tips to the blog. Tip #4 is to save money by test germinating your old seeds. Vegetable seeds can last years as long as they don't warm and dry out.

The only things you need are paper towels and a zip lock bag. Here are the test germinations of a dozen or more seeds. They are all viable. I probably saved $40 by not reordering seeds I already have. Of course that will go to something else in the garden!

Radish Seeds Germinated in 3 Days: Gary Pilarchik

Purple Kohlrabi Germinated in 4 Days: Gary Pilarchik

Arugula Seeds Germinated in 4 Days: Gary Pilarchik

Basil Seeds Were the Slowest at 6 Days: Gary Pilarchik

I tested my cool weather vegetables which consisted of radishes, greens, leeks, kohlrabi, and basil. Basil is for the warmer weather but I grow it indoors.

Radishes Test Germinated: Gary Pilarchik

The above pictured, in order, are French Breakfast, Champion, White Icicles and Crimson radishes.  Below are Simpson lettuce, Purple kohlrabi and basil seeds.

Lettuce,  Kohlrabi,  and Basil: Gary Pilarchik

Kales and Mustard Greens Germinated: Gary Pilarchik

Greens are great for a cool weather gardens. Curled Vates and Red Russian kales. And Red Giant and Southern Green mustard greens. Spicy! Below are arugula, endive, pok choy and leeks.

Arugula, Endive, Pak Choy and Leeks: Gary Pilarchik

Test Germinated Lettuce Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

The lettuce seeds are Red romaine, Paris Island romaine, Ruby Red leaf, and Flame romaine (I think).

Test out your seeds. You don't want to be wondering what's taking them so long. Enjoy!

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