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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Planting & Growing ?'s translates to Anything About Gardening

If you have questions about dirt, raised beds, planting times, planting methods,  pests, diseases, projects or anything about planting, growing, harvesting and cooking vegetables.... ah just leave a question. And please give an answer.


  1. I have a question about micro bugs on my vegetable garden. They were doing well but now are stunted and not growing. I see little white bugs on my tomatoe plants and thin trails of white on my leaves. I don't know what type of bugs I have but I know they are killing my plants. What spray is good for Tomatoes, spinach etc? I need HELP.

    1. If you tap the plant and they fly they are white flies. They could also be aphids. If they are really small and leave trails and you have white fuzz like stuff they are probably mealy bugs.

      In any case they shouldn't be there and are probably just sucking the sap out of your plants.

      I am going to make a blog post of your questions and see what people have to say to help your out.

      As for a spray to wipe out a visable infestation I use Sevin Spray. It is not green but I don't mind using it when significant damage is going on. It comes in dust and spray form. I would use that for the tomatoes because they are easily washed.

      I don't know of a great spray for spinach. Because you eat the whole spinach plant... I might just try a spray of soapy water on them.

      If you can post a pic on the blog entry that would help people identify it for you.



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