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Friday, January 27, 2012

Your First Garden: A Challenge to You - STEP TWO

The first step was to find a 4x4 space in your yard or at a friend's house. I gave you 5 days and that was about 12 days ago. So... no excuses you had extra time.

I found myself a 4x4 plot.

STEP TWO: (14 days to Complete)

For a 4x4 spot you need to go and buy 6 bags of the most inexpensive garden soil you can find. The bag should say Garden Soil or Premium Top Soil. Try not to buy the cheap $1.25 bags of just Top Soil. However, 6 bags of anything will work. The bags can be any size. Simplicity is the key. You also need to get a large Bail of Peat Moss. The size should be 3 cubic feet.

The cost for 6 garden bags of soil will vary based on what you buy but you should find them for $3-$6 a bag. There is no need to pay more. The peat moss will cost $10 to $15 for 3 cubic feet.

You can by them all at once or over time. You have 2 weeks to get them. When you buy them lay them UNopened on the 4x4 plot. Cover as much space as you can. Let them kill out the grass and weeds in your future garden.

This is the hardest part. Once you purchase and put the bags out, you will be compelled to open them and turn the ground.

You can find the whole Chain of Steps for the Challenge here: Your First Garden

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