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Monday, January 2, 2012

What Do Herb Seeds Look Like?

Just a quick look at some herb seeds. I will blog the process of seed starting them tonight or tomorrow. The seeds are very small to small. The key to planting herbs is to over plant the cells. Thin later. Herbs are very hardy and the packed cells can be torn and split without issue.

Oregano Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

Thyme Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

Chive Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

Parsley Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

Rosemary Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

Lavender Seeds: Gary Pilarchik


  1. I never knew oregano and thyme seeds were so tiny. I have grown mine from tiny plants that I bought from a nursery.

  2. I have yet to try my hand at planting herbs as I have limited planting space. Do you grow your herbs indoors or outdoors?

    1. Basil indoors. But everything else gets started inside and goes into the garden.


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