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Friday, January 6, 2012

From Fermintation to Germination: Tomato Success!

This was the first year I worked on extensive seed collecting. I blogged about collecting tomato seeds and the need to ferment them, a bit back, for about 5-7 days. Well, I test germinated all the seeds (I fermented for the blog entry) and the germination rate was really high. These seeds sat wrapped in wet towels for about 10 days. I wanted to give them a good amount of time to check viability. If you check them in 5-7 days you will know if they are germinating. A few extra days lets the straggles catch up.

Tomato Seed Fermentation: Gary Pilarchik
Collecting and Cleaning the Fermented Tomato Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

The photographs above are some pictures from the original blog. You can see the whole blog on tomato seed fermenting at this link: Fermenting Tomato Seeds. Below are my recently germinated tomato seeds. Woohoo! So far so good.

Baxter's Bush Tomatoes Test Germinated: Gary Pilarchik
Russian Oxheart Tomatoes Test Germinated: Gary Pilarchik

Now there are a lot more but I guess once you've seen two germination tests of tomato seeds, you have seen them all. I'll spare you.