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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Using Plastic Cups Three Ways in Your Vegetable Garden: Frost is One!

Using Plastic Cups Three Ways 
in Your Vegetable Garden

As I mention, I am going to catalog the entire 2013 garden season. I am currently dealing with very cold nights where the frost is much harder than it should be. Plastic cups can provide you with a tool that will help with: (Notice two types of cups in the picture)

Plastic Cups have 3 Garden Uses - The Rusted Garden Blog

  • Protecting your cool weather plants from frost
  • Getting your warm weather plants out earlier into the garden
  • Protecting all your plants from snails, insects and rabbits while they establish

The video provides details for using three kinds of cups and it details some pitfalls you need to watch for as the garden earth warms and the days get warmer and as the sun becomes more intense. You don't want to bake your plants!

The cups create micro-climates the help with frost protection and in getting warm loving plants established. Based on the earth's temperature, day temperature and sun's intensity you may need to poke holes in the cups.  The cups also provide a basic protection from 'garden critters' while the vegetable plants are establishing themselves.

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