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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just About April: Daffodils and Irises are Blooming (In the Snow!)

Snow In March - Woohoo?

Well it has been a crazy last week of March. We got snow. A record. The nights are still freezing but are starting to creep out into garden planting weather. I did manage to put in radishes and transplant my kales into cups.  Growing transplants can save you weeks of time.

This is what my garden look like a week ago. I am currently pulling out dead debris and should have some new posts up next week around rabbit proofing and planting cool weather crops in the garden.

I woke up to snow.

An Unexpected Snow - The Rusted Garden Blog
The Plastic Cups Became Igloos - The Rusted Garden Blog

I returned home to this.

Snow and Daffodils - The Rusted Garden Blog
Snow and Dutch Irises - The Rusted Garden Blog
Daffodils on the Rocks - The Rusted Garden Blog

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