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Sunday, March 17, 2013

60 Seconds or Sow: How to Kill Snails and Slugs with Iron Phosphate

How to Kill and Control Snails and Slugs 
in Your Garden Using Iron Phosphate

Snails and slugs once devastated my vegetable garden. Iron phosphate helped me greatly reduce the populations of these pests. I feel it is the safest most effective product out there for controlling snails and slugs.

It works by baiting iron phosphate into water resistant pellets. The snails and slugs are attracted to the bait scent, ingest the iron phosphate, return to their homes and die. Iron phosphate disrupts digestion and the pests stop feeding and die off in a few days. A pretty simple process.

The amount of iron phosphate introduced to your garden is negligible. As I show in the video the 2 pound package I have is 1% iron phosphate.

The best way to use this product is before your garden is full of lush green growth and before you see damage.  It gets scattered in your vegetable garden and perimeter.  I recommend putting it out now or when your days and nights start to warm into the 40's.

I scattered it today, mid March and will do it again in the beginning of April and probably a third time  around the end of April. After that, I will use it about 1x a month to maintain a low population of snails and slugs. You can't wipe them out but you can control them.

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