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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frost Protection and 'Toughen-up' Tomato Tips: Mid March Garden Update

Mid March Garden Update at The Rusted Garden
Frost Protection and 'Toughen-Up' Tomato Tips

I will be doing two monthly updates of my garden as 2013 progresses. This is my first update. I will be adding in several garden tips and tricks within the updates to help make the videos a little more valuable toward your time.

It is mid march and because we have had unseasonably colder temperatures, I am about 2 weeks behind in planting and my greenhouse shelf units have filled up with plants. This week we will be having two 25 degree nights. That is just too cold. A little frost is fine for cool crops but 7 degrees below freezing is a lot.  I did push my beets, lettuce and kohlrabi into the ground. I made micro domes out of cups to keep them from freezing through. I hope it works!

The tips I discuss are:
  • Using plastic cups for frost protection
  • Thirty minutes of sun an wind to 'toughen-up' your tomatoes
  • Black painted milk jugs to hold heat
  • Perennial beds to bring in good bugs
  • And a couple other things.
I hope you enjoy the short tour of my garden. I wish you luck and success in your 2013 gardens!

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