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Friday, May 31, 2013

Identifying 3 Types of Peas to Grow in Your Garden

Identifying 3 Types of Peas to Grow in Your Garden

I grow three types of peas in my garden. There are many many varieties but there are three main types I grow. I was corrected that there are 5 types of peas with one of them being wrinkled peas. However, I think these are the three types most gardeners find on seed shelves.

There is the Sugar Pod pea which is grown for great edible pods and they have small peas that almost look immature. There is the Snap or Sugar Snap pea and there is both an edible rounded pod (looks normal) and normal sized peas. And there is the Standard pea which have great tasting peas and pods that are really inedible. They often have a very fibrous string.

If you want to see what the 3 types look like.... I shot a 1 minute video. Remember peas can often be grown in the spring and fall.

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