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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Fabric Tent for Kales & Collards: No More Cabbage Looper Holes!

A Fabric Tent for Kales & Collards:
No More Cabbage Looper Holes!

I love growing and eating kales and collards. They over-winter in my zone and I get to enjoy them in the spring along with their flowers. I don't like the cabbage looper that eats holes in many leaves and for the last two years I have been getting white-flies on my plants.

The product Bt is effective for cabbage worms but you do have to reapply it. I used it last year and it was successful as long as I didn't fall behind on applications but it did not stop the white-flies. And of course I fell behind on applications. Come July I get a bit lazy.

I have been looking for a cost effective or better put cheap fabric that has a fine mesh. The fabric is  Tulle and pronounced tool. I found it at a fabric store for a $1.79 a yard a couple weeks ago. The fabric will keep out the white moth that lays the cabbage looper eggs and I am hoping the mesh is fine enough to keep out the white-flies.  When I found the mesh I decided to build a fabric tent. A common practice for gardens.

With a few thin bamboo stakes and some clips you can by at any office supply store you can cover up your collards and kales and protect them from all kinds of insects. You can build this fabric tent for under $15 and have pieces to spare for another tent. The video shows you a finished fabric tent with an outline of how to construct one. Enjoy! Good luck with your gardens.

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