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Monday, June 10, 2013

From Garden to Grill: Grilling Garden Beets - A New Rusted Garden Video Series

From Garden to Grill: Grilling Garden Beets
A New Rusted Garden Video Series
(Copyright June 2013)

I started a new video series called: From Garden to Grill. I will be grilling vegetables as they mature in the garden this season. Each video will be about 5 minutes long and it will cover harvesting the vegetable, the basic recipe, cooking and finally plating. My first video in this series is - Grilling Garden Beets.

Garden vegetables, in this case beets, offer a taste and flavor you will never find with grocery store vegetables. No matter how fresh they are... they don't compare to your home grown vegetables. As soon as a vegetable is picked the sugars begin to convert to starches and they begin to lose moisture. Events that change their flavor. From Garden to Grill, takes a freshly pick vegetable to heat and plate all within the same day.

Grilled beets take 45-60 minutes based on your grill. You initially roast them in foil and let them releases their juices. They are finished over heat to caramelize the sugars and bring out a great earthy sweet flavor that only beets can give you.

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