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Monday, June 10, 2013

What is 'Bolting' Lettuce and Why Does It Happen? or My Lettuce is Bitter!

What is 'Bolting' Lettuce and Why Does It Happen? 
or My Lettuce is Bitter!

Lettuce and greens are typically cool weather crops. They like 60 to 70 degree days and cooler nights. While the temperature is cool... your lettuces, endives and spinach happily produce leaves for your garden salads. Great tasting greens!

As the days regularly break the 80's and the 90's creep in lettuce begins the process of 'bolting'. Warm days with 70 plus degree nights starts the flower and seed production process for many garden greens. That is called 'bolting'.

Your lettuce stops producing leaves as starts producing a flower stalk. The chemistry of the plant changes and often a bitter taste comes to the green. The video shows you what 'bolting' looks like and it explains the changes in your now bitter lettuces.

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