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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update: Using A Fabric Tent to Stop Cabbage Looper Damage on Your Vegetables: It Works!

Update: Using a Fabric Tent to Stop 
Cabbage Looper Damage on Your Vegetables
(It Works!)

The green cabbage looper is often the answer to what is eating holes in your cabbages, kales, collards, kholrabi and other leafy green vegetables. They come from that white psychotic flying moth. It lays eggs on the leaves of your garden vegetables and that starts the cycle of devastation. I have used the product Bacillus Thuringeiensis or Bt in the past. It is effective and works as long as you don't miss dosings and as long as the rain doesn't quickly wash the product away.

This year I came across a fabric called tulle, pronounced tool, and it makes an outstanding fabric tent. It is strong, you can see through it and most of all it is effective against the white moth that lays the green cabbage looper eggs. I don't have a single hole in the upper leaves from worms as the update video will show you. I highly recommend making a fabric tent. The tulle is inexpensive and can be found at craft stores. I also included the construction video for the fabric tent and the video that shows you the moth that lays the eggs.

Update Video on Kale Growth and Cabbage Looper Protection

Construction Video for the Fabric Tent Over Your Kales & Collards

 The White Moth and Green Cabbage Looper

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