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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Join Me! Fertilizing a Tomato with a Whole Egg and Banana - A Fun Experiment

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Fertilizing a Tomato with a Whole Egg and Banana

What good is gardening if we can't have a little fun and experiment. I set up my experiment with two 'Boxcar' tomatoes. They are planted in the same bed, in the same way but one is getting a whole banana and egg buried a foot down in the hole. It is a way to feed your tomato much like Native Americans did when burying a fish with their crops.

Join me and see if this makes a difference. The video shows the basic steps and my experiment. You want to plant the whole banana and egg below the tomato. Don't break or mash them. Let them stay whole and decay as slowly as possible. The theory is that they will release nutrients for the tomatoes.

I will launch the second part of the video in mid to late July and you can be the judge of the difference.

Good luck in your garden. Have some fun!

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