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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Small Space Container Gardening with 5 Types of Vegetables

Small Space Container Gardening with 5 Types of Vegetables

Containers are often used on a deck or patio but they can also be used in the garden. They can sit in small garden spaces or be sunk halfway into the ground. I use recycled nursery containers directly in my garden beds. I sink them about half way down and makes sure I cut out at least one half of the bottom for root growth. It is a hybrid of a raised bed and container garden. Well... close to it.

Container gardening in small garden spaces lets you grow more vegetables. A little practice with timing and you can rotate crops through and remove crops as the bigger plants (like tomatoes) hit full size. This video presents some container ideas you might use in the garden and 5 vegetables you can plant in them. Enjoy!

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