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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Collecting Kale Flowers for Salads as a Spring Biennial

Collecting Kale Flowers for Salads as a Spring Biennial

Kale Flowers - The Rusted Garden Blog

Kale is a biennial which generally means leaf production the first year and flower and seed production the second year. In Maryland Zone 7, I get a full spring, summer and fall of large kale leaves. It over winters, and in the following spring I get delicious kale flowers and smaller sweeter kale leaves as a spring treat. After it is done flowering, I remove the old kale and put in my new kale transplants for another round.

It isn't quite a 2 year process but more of a 2 growing season process. 2 warm seasons. In the first spring you plant it, you will get large leaves for your harvest. In the beginning of the following spring or second spring you will get flowers. So in practice it is about a 1 year period to get kale flowers.

A Bowl of Kale Flowers - The Rusted Garden Blog

The video shows you the outcome of 'Red Russian' kale. An outstanding kale that produces quite well. The second spring crop is full of flowers and sweet smaller leaves.

The Kale Stumped in the Video - The Rusted Garden Blog

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