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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Before & After: French Lavender Transplants and Mature Plants - Amazing Purple Blooms!

Before & After: French Lavender Transplants & Mature Plants Amazing Purple Blooms!

Lavender comes in many varieties. The lavender in the video, with the amazing purple blooms, is 'French Lavender'. It takes 1-2 years to bloom from transplant. Lavender is really easy to start indoors. It takes some time to germinate but it does. You can make dozens of transplants for pennies. You might pay $3-$6 for smaller transplants in stores and even more for blooming plants. With a little patience, you can populate your yard with dozens of lavender plants for under $10. Transplants save you money!

Here is a video that shows you an example of my lavender transplant I grew this winter and what they can look like with 1-2 years growth. Lavender does great in containers and prefers less water than more water. It comes back every year in my area, Maryland Zone 7.

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