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Monday, May 13, 2013

Creating a Splash and Disease Barrier for Tomatoes: Grass Clippings!

Creating a Tomato Disease and Splash Barrier 
Using Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are readily available. You can use other mulches of your choice. It is important not to use grass clippings that have been sprayed with chemicals. Yes... sprayed weed killing products will see your vegetables as targets. I typically wait at least 14 days before using grass I sprayed.

***After some research into a problem I had with Weed & Feed... I recommend waiting 5 weeks before using any grass clippings that have been sprayed - edited June 10, 2013.

The video shows you tomatoes that are quite muddy on the stem and underside of their leaves from hard rains. This mud splash is one way disease spores can get onto your tomatoes and start infections. You can create a disease and splash barrier by mulching with grass. The video describes the method and tips for using grass clippings.
  • Clean the tomatoes with water or use a baking soda spray or similar
  • Mulch 1-3 inches with grass clippings
  • Let the grass clipping turn dry and turn brown and repeat (about a week)
  • The grass clipping mulch conserves water
  • The grass clipping mulch stop spores from splashing onto the tomato plants
  • The grass clippings keep the underside of the leaves clean for respiration

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