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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Save Money! Creating Ground Cover with Oregano & Herb Transplants

Save Money! Creating Ground Cover with Oregano & Herb Transplants

The theme of my next several blog entries is saving money by growing your own transplants. There is no need to pay $3 an herb pot at your local stores. A pack of seeds,  cups and some soil can get you dozens of plants. That equates to like... 10 cents a plant.

I grow many herbs and vegetables indoors during the winter and then I let them mature in cups or containers for several weeks. The end product... I have hundreds of transplants that cost me about 10 cents a plant. I don't have an endless budget. Oregano is so easy to grow... I included the video of my over-seeding oregano practice at the end. Many herbs are extremely easy to grow in doors. I encourage you to give it a try.

This is what I did with my forty or so herb transplants. My cost was maybe $5. I used my oregano as ground cover around my blueberry bushes. They are planted on a slope that won't hold mulch. The rains come and it washes away. My solution... an oregano and herb ground cover. Here is the before and after video.

My video on starting oregano indoors.

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