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Friday, May 24, 2013

Growing Small Determinate Tomatoes in Small Containers & Coco Coir Grow Bags

Growing Small Determinate Tomatoes in 
Small Containers & Coco Coir Grow Bags 

Every container tomato garden does not need large containers and large tomatoes. You can find small varieties of tomatoes that my suit your container garden needs or preferences. The 'Patio Princess' is a 2 foot dwarf cherry tomato that can grow well in 2.5 gallon containers or small grow bags.

It is important to match the mature size of your tomatoes and other vegetables with the size of the container. A container has to have the capacity to provide for the root system of a mature plant. In this case a 2 foot tall tomato's root system can be managed in the containers that I show in the video.

The same issues come into play with large container tomatoes or small container tomatoes... can you keep them watered and fed? You have to make sure a container never dries out because you will damage the plant. You also have to make sure you feed them frequently on a routine. Sometimes that routine my be a gallon of 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer weekly or it might be a half gallon of full strength fertilizer every two weeks. There are lots of options.

The video highlights these ideas and shows  you how to set up a coconut coir grow bag. This is my first time using them. I will be using saucers as a water and liquid fertilizer reserve. A gallon of water with half strength fertilizer will run through these containers. They may have to be fed over two days, if not for a saucer to catch the run-off.

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