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Monday, February 6, 2012

Vegetable Gardening Tip #6 for 2012: Start Small!

The hardest thing about starting a garden is not to get overwhelmed by all the things you think you might have to do. You really don't have to do a lot but turn some earth or fill a container, buy seeds, plant and lightly tend them.

There is a challenge on my blog under My 1st Garden. It is about clearing a 4x4 space. If you are a new gardener it is to get started. If you are an old gardener it is to plant something new. But you don't even need to do that.

This tip is about not getting overwhelmed with thoughts that will delay getting started... until you finally say once again, "Oh well I missed another year."

Go buy some pea plants, radishes and lettuces. Start Small! Plant them in your flower beds, containers, turn some earth, clear some mulched areas and use any other space.  Don't forget to mark them with something. Once you see that it isn't difficult, you might feel you can handle a little more ground.

Good Luck!

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