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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Growing Thyme, Oregano and Chives Indoors: 5 weeks - Time to Transplant

As I mentioned some perennial herbs are quite hardy. Thyme, Oregano and Chives are some of those hardy herbs.  They can be handled pretty firmly and will continue to grow without much noticeable harm. That is you can tear the roots up, toss them around and neglect them. Just make sure they have water and light while indoors.

Oregano and Thyme are best planted by over seeding the cells. I put in 10-15 or more seeds per cell.  Why? Think about Nature and what happens when a plant flowers and drops seeds. They don't get spaced out or thinned. They just grow.  Here are my herbs 5 weeks from seeding. The Chives also had 5 or more seeds tossed into the cells. You can divide these guys easily.

Thyme Under Grow Lights 5 Weeks: Gary Pilarchik

Oregano Under Grow Lights 5 Weeks: Gary Pilarchik

Chives Under Grow Lights 5 Weeks: Gary Pilarchik

They are doing quite well. The key is light which I keep on a timer. They probably get 10-12 hours of light. I had a bulb burn out and the smaller Oregano 9-cell, in the above picture, was under the burned out bulb. Much smaller when compared to the two in the front of the picture.

I transplanted the Thyme and Oregano yesterday and will let the Chives grows for reasons explained in the next blog or two.

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