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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thyme and Oregano 7 Weeks Later: Over Seeding Can Work!

7 or 8 Week Old Oregano and Thyme: Gary Pilarchik

My Oregano and Thyme are doing fine!

You can't over seed every plant. I found that out with Tarragon. But as I have mentioned due to space reasons, I over seed. Thyme and Oregano should never be planted 1 seed to cell. It doesn't make sense.

A walk down a memory lane. Oh they were so young!

Oregano Seeds: Gary Pilarchik
Thyme Seeds: Gary Pilarchik
Over Seeding Cells with Herb Seeds: Gary Pilarchik
Oregano and Thyme Seedlings: Gary Pilarchik
Oregano and Thyme Close to be Transplanted: Gary Pilarchik
Oregano and Thyme Ready for Cups: Gary Pilarchik
Thyme and Oregano 7 Weeks Later: Gary Pilarchik

1 comment:

  1. They do have made a lot of progress, haven't they? I have no access to these seeds here where I live. So I have found it convenient to bring home these plants from nursery. When I find the need for more of these plants I simply propagate them from stem cuttings. Its my way of saving money and never having to go to the nursery for the same plant or seeds again.


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