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Friday, February 17, 2012

Rotating Seed Transplants: Rotation Saves Room!

Well I am lucky enough to have a grow closet. I am stubborn enough to grow more than it will hold. You can see I have my Thyme and Oregano in containers with a light on them. It helps a bit but it really has to be closer to get maximum light to the transplants. On the floor is my Parsley. It has been under there for a while and it is getting great light. An open container is available for rotation.

Rotating Herb Transplants: Gary Pilarchik

Essentially all the Thyme and Oregano were put into the empty container and rotated under the light where the Parsley sat. The Parsley came out and the light was place across the top. The light is close enough to help the plants it sits over but I really need two lights for maximum light. I don't have it. So... there is no need to be perfect. I will just rotated the trays every three days or so until I can get them outside. What till I have tomatoes growing! Even less room!

Parsley, Oregano and Thyme: Gary Pilarchik
Parsley Under A Grow-Light: Gary Pilarchik

This my solution to planting more then I can manage till the days warm up. It isn't perfect but it will work.

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