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Monday, February 6, 2012

Herb/Parsley Transplant Process: 27 Cells to 55 Cups.

I started my herbs on January 2nd. Early... a bit. But still I started my hardy perennial herbs and slow growing herbs as to have them ready for the ground and my annual garden yard sale. The herbs are hardy plants and can be beat up, neglected (just a little) and transplanted and they will do just fine.

I divided and  transplanted my parsley into cups. I also found a great bargain at one of the standard do-it-yourself mega stores. It is worth looking around for sales and liquidation items, you can use for the garden.

My Herb and Vegetable Transplant Supplies: Gary Pilarchik

The parsley has grown to size after 30 plus days and has to come out of the cells. I have 27 over-seeded cells. I divided them in two and placed them into the cups. I find cups work best for my space and needs. Peat pots... well - stink. They dry out too fast, grow lots of algae and decay. You have to use what works best in your environment. The soil is Miracle Grow potting mix.

The Bargain for the Garden: Gary Pilarchik

The container will hold about 65 plants. That is great. What is even better is I found them 2 for $11. They didn't have lids and were discounted drastically. The containers will hold my herbs and perennial flowers. They will eventually sit in my garage and be pulled in and out during the day once the very cold nights are gone.

Transplanting Herbs to Cups: Gary Pilarchik

I pretty much just tore the parsley plugs in half. Each half went into a cup. It is important to label your cups and poke holes in the bottom (before transplanting). I water my plants from the bottom. It is the easiest way to maintain them indoors.  Some plants are more sensitive to root damage. The herbs I planted do fine when torn this small. You don't have to be gentle nor a surgeon. 

Nearly 60 Parsley Transplants: Gary Pilarchik

The parsley is done and will sit for 24 hours absorbing water. I will put them under grow lights tomorrow evening. The next plants slated for transplant are thyme and oregano. Perhaps the chives too. The chives are large but grow slowly and are super hardy. They can last a while in the cells even when badly root-bound.

Thyme, Oregano and Chives: Gary Pilarchik

Most importantly the clean up. What she doesn't know won't hurt me. 

My Cleaned Up Growing Station: Gary Pilarchik