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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to Plant Onions: Bulb Sets for the First Planting!

How exciting. You can plant your Zone 7 Garden now.  Start with onion sets. You can buy onion bulbs now at Walmart, local nurseries, home building mega-stores and just about any place that sells seeds. Onions  come in various forms from seeds to bulbs and one in between.  The bulbs can go in right now. Yes right now!

In the picture are a mix of red, yellow and white onion bulbs. They can go in now (did I mention that).  They can be planted quickly about 2 inches deep and anywhere from 3 to 6 inches apart depending on what size you want them to grow. I find 4 inches works just fine. Turn and fluff you soil to about the length of the spade.

If you can't plant yet because your ground is frozen.... as soon as the soil can be worked! Plant them root side down and if you can't figure that out, plant them on their side. They will correct themselves. Gardening is easy.

The cost for all those onions. Only $1.49. The onion bulbs in the picture are about the size of a quarter. The plate is a medium sized serving plate. Just FYI.

Red, Yellow and White Onion Bulbs for Planting: Gary Pilarchik

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