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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sheepskin Car Seat Covers... Sure!

We are logging in driver education miles for the next six months. My daughter is doing a great job. Soon she will be driving on her own. Thank goodness I have the garden for a break between drives. The highway comes soon!  She is having a great time looking for a vehicle and has moved on to sheepskin seat covers. All I could say was - sure why not.  She found the website and the look she wanted along with all kinds of sheepskin products.

She has picked out her vehicle and is accessorizing as the days go on. I had a chance to look at the website she found for her sheepskin seats and was impressed by the depth of  their products. Free shipping and high quality items has made me consider sheepskin luxury car seat covers as a fun warming gift for her when she does get her license.

They have so many products. I have a granite floor in our basement and thought about a sheepskin rug as a way to bring some character into room. You won't believe the number of sheepskin products they have available. Yoga mats,  seat pads, sheepskin sandals and clogs,  pillows and all kinds of items that would make great unique quality gifts for someone close to you. For me... looks like car seats come in sheepskin.

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