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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Mouse in the House ate My Stevia and Herbs

We get field mice in our house come Winter. A few traps in the basement and some mouse poison in the garage usually takes care of the problem. How did I know we had mice or at least a mouse? One of my three Stevia seedlings is gone. The tall fennel seedlings show signs of being bent and stomped. The parsley transplant has a hole dug in it and another seed cell has been dug up. The culprit a mouse.

A Seedling Cell Dug Up By a Mouse: Gary Pilarchik

Mouse Damage in a Seedling Tray: Gary Pilarchik

The fennel in the back is pushed over and you can see piece in the middle bent. The cell right in front had 1 Stevia seedling starting. Only three Stevia seeds sprouted out of 12. Below is a hole dug by the mouse in the parsley transplant.

Mouse Damage  in the Back of the Parsley: Gary Pilarchik

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