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Monday, May 14, 2012

Warm Weather is Here in Zone 7: Time to Plant...

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The season is moving from cool weather crops to warm  weather crops. You will probably notice a lot of your cool weather vegetables bolting (flowering). This typically signals the end of  the run for them. Lettuce can become bitter and other plants stop growing the parts we want. You might have time for 28 day radishes but aside from that, it is time to switch gears to WARM WEATHER CROPS.

That is, you can get your tomatoes and peppers in the ground. You can plant your zukes, cukes and squashes. Your beans can go in. You basil can go in. Don't forget your melons too. I'll be doing a full blog on warm weather crops over the next week.

Good Luck and Good Growing!

I plan on making a video demonstrating how to create a disease barrier in the garden. It is time to plan you prevention spraying schedule and get started with the first wave of spraying.

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