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Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Cool Weather Crops and What's Going on in the Rusted Garden

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I will be shooting several videos this weekend. One will demonstrate how to prune and manage a young tomato. This will include creating a disease barrier. I will be showing you how to tend your 12 inch potato plants by adding soil, compost, or hay to 1/2 the stalks.  And a video on container peas.

I shut down my grow-lights and everything is outside. I'll be writing about creating transplants as a way to manage your summer garden and maximize space and production. Please let me know if you have questions or would like to see certain gardening subjects covered. If I don't know how to do it... I will make up something fun.

Other cool weather crops in pictures below. Oh... In Maryland, we have about 4 weeks left of what would be considered cool weather. Enough time for some baby lettuce, spinach and radishes.

Cool Weather - 'Blue Vates' Kale and Chive - The Rusted Garden

You can see an asparagus branch, strawberry leaves and over-wintered leeks in the picture above.

Cool Weather - Onions Planted in March - The Rusted Garden

That is lemon balm to the left. It is a very hardy and a super fragrant herb. Great in teas! It smells like summer.

Cool Weather - Container Peas: Gary Pilarchik

The peas that are huge are sugar snap edible pod. The little bunch are standard peas. And that is my last wave of tomatoes that are for my garden and for sale.

Cool Weather - Carrots, Beets and Celery - Gary Pilarchik

I wouldn't classify these as 100% cool weather but they need some cool weather growing time. This is my first time growing celery and that is because I stumbled upon it in seed cells. I figured what the heck. The celery had to be protected when frost was around.

Cool Weather - ( L) Pak Choi, Brocolli Raab, and 'Black' Kale: Gary Pilarchik
In the back left corner is 'Red Russian' kale that over-wintered. Kale is a great crop in Maryland.

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