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Friday, May 4, 2012

Gardening With Kids: Get Them Dirty! (A Blog Series)

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Ask some children questions about vegetables like where they come from or how they are grown. You may be surprised to find out that some kids don't know that radishes and carrots grow in the ground. You might hear that potatoes come from a tree and lettuce grows on a vine. Think about it... you don't know something until you know something. A lot of children's exposure to vegetables is the grocery store. Yes, one child when asked "where do tomatoes come from?" will say, "the grocery store." You and I know better but do they? Why not teach them?

A chance to teach is a chance for a child to learn. I will be writing an ongoing blog series this season dedicated to getting your children dirty in the garden. My goal is to inspire you to teach your child and children in your circle. Aside from the wonders of a garden, learning skills needed to grow, the reward of picking a harvest, deeper life lessons can be taught and learned. I will write about those as well as practical ways to help children enjoy the vegetable garden and learn about the foods they eat on a daily basis.

I will add pictures to this series as I take them. I still have to grow the vegetables before I take the pictures. Giant 'Mammoth' sunflowers are on the list of pictures and one of the first entry in the blog series.

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  1. That is so thoughtful of you. I am sure it makes a fun project for you too, to post more ideas to get kids into the garden.

    I know the reason I started gardening was my mother. Had she not let us water our herb area in our backyard still wearing our tutus I wouldn't have discovered the joys of gardening.


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