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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May is Time to Start Managing Pest and Disease in the Garden

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It's only May 3rd and it is garden bug battle time. I have been putting down iron phosphate since March. The green cabbage worms are here. I found 3. They are hard to find but if you have holes in your cabbages and leafy greens... they are there. Look closely.

I just hit the ground and surrounding areas with more iron phosphate. I purchased Bt which is a naturally occurring bacteria found in the soil that kills... you guessed it - the green cabbage worms. Who, FYI, come to land on your greens as eggs from those mothy looking white butterflies you see psychotically dashing around the garden. Not so cute anymore aye!  One tablespoon of Bt per gallon. Spray the leaves well and forget. Humans can ingest it with no effect. Please don't try that. The worms eat the leaves and die a few days later.

I also dusted my greens and kholrabi with a light dusting of Sevin Dust. I use it. I have researched it and found it is worth the use of this insecticide. I use it sparingly and not on vegetables I will be eating within a weeks time. However you plan to manage pests and disease... it starts now in Maryland Zone 7.

Good Luck!

 Below is a bit of a blog entry. It shows you what they look like. Click here for the full article :Finding the Green Cabbage Worm

Look Closely: They are Green for a Reason

They are green and tend to vary to the color of the leaf. Once there is a hole - they are there. They will also leave dark green droppings. The droppings will que you to their general location. Look closely. The eggs are laid in groups. So if you find one caterpillar there are others. It may take a few days to get them all. If you double click the photos they will enlarge. They may be on either side of the leaves or resting on the stem when they aren't feeding.

The Caterpillar is Right on the Point

I Moved it for a Better Look
Removed and Killed

If there is one there is more. Carefully check the leaves with holes. They don't like to move. Check the front and backs of the holed leaves and down the stem. I found three on this plant.

Remove and Kill Them

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