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Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Make Kale Chips: A Healthy Green

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Kale Chips Freshly Picked - The Rusted Garden

Well you might have the tendency to over-plant your greens like I do. One great way to manage kale is to dry it out in the oven and make kale chips. It taste great assuming you like kale to start with and it makes a great snack.  Kale is packed with calcium and other vitamins.

  • Set your oven to 300 degrees 
  • Cover a few cookie trays with foil
  • Tear you kale into 2-3 inch pieces 
  • Mix some salt and pepper together
  • Get your olive oil or similar ready
Kale, Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil  for Kale Chips - The Rusted Garden

The pictures tell the story. Make sure the kale is torn into 2-3 inch pieces. Larges pieces won't dry out uniformly.

  • Tear the kale into 2-3 inch pieces
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • You can add garlic or onion powder
  • Lightly oil the kale so all pieces are covered
Tear the Kale into 2-3 Inch Pieces: Gary Pilarchik

Once your tear up the kale, salt and pepper it to your taste. You can always add more later. Put in enough oil to lightly coat all the kale. Don't over oil it. If you like garlic and onion, add it in-in powder form.

  • Lay it on a foil tray with some over lap
  • Bake it for 15 minutes to start
Coated and Seasoned Kale on the Tray - The Rusted Garden
Kale After 15 Minutes at 300 Degrees - The Rusted Garden

  • Pick the kale up carefully and flip it
  • A messy flip is fine
  • Bake it for 10 more minutes
Flip and Bake the Kale Another 10 Minutes - Gary Pilarchik

The kale has now baked 15 and 10 minutes. A total of 25 minutes of course. It probably isn't ready yet. Flip it one more time.

  • Flip the kale again 
  • Bake it for 5 more minutes
  • If it isn't all dried after 5 minutes, another 3 minutes will do
  • Season them a bit more if needed
Kale Chips are Ready in about 30 Minutes - Gary Pilarchik
A Bowl of Kale Chips - The Rusted Garden


  1. I've been reading a lot about kale chips. Can't wait to try it! I love the idea of having a healthy potato chip alternative!

    1. If you like kale they are great. My only tip is don't over season before you bake. Add to taste once they are baked and dried.

  2. Interesting. Never had heard of them. It looks good enough for me to try it. My Kale is currently still very small. I should get around to try this once it becomes big


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