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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lettuces Planting Methods and Cool Weather Crops

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Here is the video describing a couple different methods for planting lettuces - a cool weather crop. Below are updated pictures of the progress of the lettuce as well as pictures of other cool weather crops. Remember in Maryland Zone 7 we can plant cool weather vegetables again mid August for fall vegetables.

Scatter Plot of Lettuce - The Rusted Garden
Heavily Seeded Lettuce Row - The Rusted Garden

In the above picture right in front is parsley and 'Bright Lights' swiss chard. Both grow in the cool weather and survive warm weather well. In the middle are two rows of lettuce seeded in a way that the seeds touch each other. I just dropped a bunch in a row. You can cut leaves and let them grow back or pick whole plants to thin the row and let the remaining lettuces grow larger. In the back are radishes, another row of lettuce and spinach. All cool weather  vegetables.

Lettuce Spaced for Full Heads and Container Greens: Gary Pilarchik

In the containers are mustard greens. And in the bed are lettuces to mature to full heads and spinach in the back left corner. These are all cool weather vegetables. The heat generally makes cool weather vegetables bolt to flower and bitters the leaves.


  1. Your purple mustard look so beautiful! Here I only get the seeds of the green variety. Mine are still smaller than yours with a few true leaves reaching out to the sun.

  2. How much did u sell the plants for?


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