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Monday, May 7, 2012

Removed First Wave of Radishes and Planted Tomatoes

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I continue to have radishes problems. I harvested a lot. But... I really believe my clay soil, which has  been amended nicely over the years, still prevents nice radishes from forming. Their size just varies too much. Some large, some twisted, some tiny and some just leaves.

Has anyone planted radishes in a soilless mix like 'Mel's Mix"?  I am wondering if radishes grow better in extraordinarily 'fluffy' loose soil. I won't have time this spring but in the fall,  I might make a 100% soilless mix just to see.

I planted several cold tolerant tomatoes: 'Polar Baby', 'Oregon Spring' and 'Glacier'. 'Glacier' I grew last your and it was outstanding. I am rotating my tomato plots as best I can in a smaller garden. I also put in my two favorites: 'Aussie' and 'Homestead'. A 'Baxters Bush Cherry' is in a sunken container as well as two 'Patio Hybrids'in their own container. I plan to get the rest in this weekend.

I plan newspaper the garden and actually mulch it with shredded cedar. Of course I need to find out if there are any negatives to cedar mulch. I know wood decaying can suck the nitrogen out of the ground, so  some 10-10-10 should help as a precaution. Why do this? To create a disease barrier between the tomato and soil.

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