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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Started the Tomato Aspirin Experiment Today

Well... following the other blogs about salicylic acid and boosting tomatoes disease resistance...

I started the experiment. I am taking one 4 x 8 plot as my experiment plot. I planted 3 tomatoes. Big Boy  for 1 pound tomatoes. Early Wonder for my determinate entry of 6 -8 oz fruit. Trust for a standard red tomato with disease resistance. Each hole got 2 - 81 mg coated aspirin which I broke in half.

I also planted a white button squash in the corner. That got 1 aspirin in the hole. I figured powdery mildew is an issue too.

Starting June 1st I will use an 81 mg aspirin per gallon of water and sprinkle the entire plant. Ill do this every 2 weeks for 2 tomatoes and 1 time a week for the Big Boy. The squash will get it every 2 week also.

I have other tomatoes planted in other plots. I may try sprinkling some of them with the mixture every 2 weeks.

Anyone else up for experimenting?

Blog Entry About Aspirin and Tomato Defense


  1. Why you use aspirin? I mean it will help you get more productivity? I heard plants will grow well if add some sugar in water. Is this true?

  2. Morning,
    An aspirin contain salicylic acid. The acid occurs natural in tomatoes to trigger a defense response. Ill post a link in this blog entry about it.

    The idea is the aspirin boosts the tomatoes defenses against disease like EARLY BLIGHT. It makes it harder for diseases to establish themselves on the tomatoes.

    Do a google search on aspirin and tomatoes. Interesting. Whether it is true... Ill find out.

  3. So, what happened with this experiment?


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