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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Started the Tomato Aspirin Experiment Today

Well... following the other blogs about salicylic acid and boosting tomatoes disease resistance...

I started the experiment. I am taking one 4 x 8 plot as my experiment plot. I planted 3 tomatoes. Big Boy  for 1 pound tomatoes. Early Wonder for my determinate entry of 6 -8 oz fruit. Trust for a standard red tomato with disease resistance. Each hole got 2 - 81 mg coated aspirin which I broke in half.

I also planted a white button squash in the corner. That got 1 aspirin in the hole. I figured powdery mildew is an issue too.

Starting June 1st I will use an 81 mg aspirin per gallon of water and sprinkle the entire plant. Ill do this every 2 weeks for 2 tomatoes and 1 time a week for the Big Boy. The squash will get it every 2 week also.

I have other tomatoes planted in other plots. I may try sprinkling some of them with the mixture every 2 weeks.

Anyone else up for experimenting?

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