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Friday, May 7, 2010

Decriptions of the Tomatoes I am Selling and Their Availabitity

Bonny Best Heirloom (available now)
A 1908 heirloom with 4 oz to 10 oz tomato clusters. Few seeds and firm flesh make it a great all around tomato for eating, canning or sauces. Indeterminate variety.

New Big Dwarf Heirloom (available now)
Created before 1915 and considered an heirloom. It grows 2 feet tall and produces fruit early. It is a determinate variety. Fruit ranges from 8 oz to 12 oz. A great container tomato.

First Prize VFFNT Hybrid (available May 23rd - 29th)
An indeterminate tomato with 10 oz to 12 oz fruits. It's very disease resistant and a high yielder that produces all season long.

Tiffany VFNT Hybrid (available May 23rd - 29th)
An indeterminate tomato with resistance to gray leaf spot. It produces all season long and has 6 oz -8 oz fruit with sweet flavor. It is an excellent all around tomato that adds intense tomato flavor to salads, sandwiches and sauces.

Aussie Heirloom (available May 23rd - 29th)
An indeterminate heirloom from Australia. Brings you the gift of 1 to 2 pound tomatoes.

Flordia Basket (available May 23rd - 29th)
Perfect for pots and baskets. It will creep and hang. Cherry sized type of tomato. Determinate variety.

Micro Tom (available now)
The world's smallest determinate type of tomato. It only grows 5-8 inches tall and has crouton sized tomatoes. Very cool novelty tomato you can eat.

Sara's Galapagos  Heirloom New for 2010 (available May 23rd - 29th)
Collected from the Galapagos Islands where it grows natively. A currant tomato with 1/2 inch fruit. Indeterminate variety to bring you tiny tomatoes all season long. Packed with sweet flavor.

Aunt Gertie's Gold Heirloom of Virginia (available May 23rd - 29th)
Indeterminate heirloom with 1 pound yellow tomatoes. A beautiful gold color with an irregularly shape. As an heirloom the shape wasn't bred out. Sweet and complex flavors.

Super Beefsteak (available now)
Your well know beefsteak done with more beefyness.

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