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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tired Leaves: Soak Your Tomatoes In an Epsom Salt Bath.

Growing takes a lot of work. And your tomatoes probably gets tired. Just like humans, soaking their roots in an epsom salt foot bath pays rewards. Korny.

Really... epsom salts have magnesium in it. It cost about $3 to $5 at our local Giant. All grocery stores carry it. I mix about a teaspoon into the tomato planting hole. Mix it in well. After I plant it, I spread about a palmful around the top of the plant. The epsom salt dissolves readily and your tomato gets a good dose of a micronutrient.

Looks just like the picture.

Don't over do it with the epsom salts. Too much can make calcium absorbtion issues for your tomato. I use lime in my gardens. So things tend to stay balanced. Lime adds calcium.

You only need to do this at planting. Don't continue to use epsom salts over the growings seasons. If you aren't using a water soluble fertiziler like Miracle Grow, you could consider 1 foliar feeding with epsom salts. Miracle Grow contains magnesium in it. For the epsom salt mid season bath use a tablespoon in 2 gallons of water. Drench the leaves.

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  1. The Dollar Tree stores sells a container that looks like a quart milk carton for a $1


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