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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pictures: Pictures of My Garden May 31st

Here are the pictures with a description of what's growing.

In the container are peas. This is also the container I use for growing tomatoes. The peas were planted in March. A tomato cage sits in the middle of that one. Cilantro from last year's plant seeds that dropped is up too. I've been cooking with eat and eating peas for the last week. That is my cabbage planted in April from a cell pack from Loews. Onions surround the plants. In about a week I will have cabbage.

Swiss Chard Bright Lights strain is in the back right corner. I have been cooking that and eating salads for over 2 weeks. It won't stop growing. I planted in late March too from a cell pack. Those are some of the peppers I have been selling. In the front right corner is a Russian kale and a heirloom mustard green. That is a another container of peas growing on bamboo poles. Oh and lettuce is in three white buckets. That was planted as seeds in April.

Smack in the middle is my asparagus I grew from seed. I was able to harvest it this year. This is the third year. That box will eventually be dedicate to asparagus only. Heirloom lettuces fill in space now. To the left are more cabbages and red cabbage. The bucket has spring onions. The red plant is a perennial dianthus.

A top view of one of my garden areas. You can see in the right corner some styro-foam cups. That is how I started my beans. I planted 3 or 4 varieties of beans down there. You can also see squash and zuchinni in the beds. Way in the back corner of the fence (click the pictures to enlarge) is a concord grape vine. I think it is 4 years old. It has about 200 or 300 bunches of grapes on it.

My other garden space. Black raspberries are behind the bench. Tomatoes, cucumbers, heirloom lettuce and peppers are in there. By the deck, on the bench you can see more of the tomatoes I didn't sell. 

Just a reminder what was around not to long ago.

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