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Monday, May 10, 2010

Does Your Tomato Have A Headache? Aspirin and Disease

Salicylic Acid (aspirn) and Tomatoes

Aspirin contains salicylic acid. It fixes our headaches but activates disease and stress response in tomatoes. Read the above link and do a google search. It's very interesting.

The short story is...
I have and will be continuing to use salicylic acid (SA)  or aspirin to manage early blight in my garden this year. I can't find exact dosages but that is okay.

I will be using 3 81 mg tablets in 2 gallons of water every 2 weeks to sprinkle on my tomatoes. The idea is the SA triggers a response in the tomatoes to beef up its defenses. I plan to have my tomatoes defenses beefed up before early blight time arrives.

I will also be dropping 1 81 mg tablet of aspirin in the soil when I plant my tomatoes. The outcome... well I'll let you know in August after the blight season has arrived.

Check it out. It's very interesting research.


  1. How did you figure the correct amount of aspirin to use?

  2. Found on the web that you should put a couple of aspirin into the planting hole.http://www.ehow.com/how_2126099_use-aspirin-grow-tomatoes.html Also see http://www.growbetterveggies.com/growbetterveggies/instructions-on-how-to-gr.html

  3. Have you tried the aspirin? I just discovered it. I haven't found anything negative like over dosing etc. Seems like a good thing.

  4. The dosing in what I was reading... kept saying regular strength. To me thats 81mg. I'll read the articles you posted. I can't find a minimum amount that starts the tomatoes defense process.

    I am thinking SA just needs to be encountered by the plant at low levels and maybe and another low does via the foliage every 2 weeks. I just don't see any harm to using aspirin at 81 mg or 500 mg. I am hoping it does improve defenses.


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