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Monday, May 10, 2010

Does Your Tomato Have A Headache? Aspirin and Disease

Salicylic Acid (aspirn) and Tomatoes

Aspirin contains salicylic acid. It fixes our headaches but activates disease and stress response in tomatoes. Read the above link and do a google search. It's very interesting.

The short story is...
I have and will be continuing to use salicylic acid (SA)  or aspirin to manage early blight in my garden this year. I can't find exact dosages but that is okay.

I will be using 3 81 mg tablets in 2 gallons of water every 2 weeks to sprinkle on my tomatoes. The idea is the SA triggers a response in the tomatoes to beef up its defenses. I plan to have my tomatoes defenses beefed up before early blight time arrives.

I will also be dropping 1 81 mg tablet of aspirin in the soil when I plant my tomatoes. The outcome... well I'll let you know in August after the blight season has arrived.

Check it out. It's very interesting research.

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