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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain cancelled the Flea Market: Sale May 29th 8 - 1 pm

Well, I am left with a lot of plants. The rain cancelled the May 23rd Flea Market. Soooo... I'm am still selling stuff. Typically, I sell about 200 plants at the Flea Market. The warm weather is here. Everything vegetable and flower can be planted.

Here is a complete list of what I have. Vegetables first and flowers down at the bottom.

Plants are $1, some are 2 for $1. Inexpensive.  I have cantaloupes too.

If you need my address please leave me a note here.
A lot of them. Many of them are a foot high. I will have new heirlooms that will be about 4-6 inches tall.

A lot of them. Green bells are a foot high. I will have all kinds of hot and sweet 4-6 inch peppers.

Herbs (all ready for Saturday)
Basil, 5 kinds

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