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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing 5 Great Container Peppers Ready for Harvest: My First Vegetable Garden

My First Vegetable Garden: 
Introducing 5 Great Container Peppers Ready for Harvest

Peppers make great container vegetables. The peppers in the video were grown in Maryland Zone 7. We get high 90 degree days in July and August. The peppers were grown to size and harvest in only 2 1/2 gallon paint containers. I used a $1 plastic saucer as a water reserve. These are 5 peppers I recommend for your future container gardens.

Peppers love the heat. They love warm roots and containers provide them with this opportunity. They are much more forgiving with watering then tomatoes and tend to produce more when slightly neglected. Do not over fertilize them with nitrogen. You will get a lot of green leaves. Go light on nitrogen and a bit heavier phosphorous for a higher yield of peppers.

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