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Monday, September 2, 2013

Planting Radishes: Preparing the Soil and Seed Spacing

Planting Radishes: Preparing the Soil and Seed Spacing

This video comes from my new YouTube Channel dedicated to brand new gardeners. I explain everything. I will be doing videos about planting, tending and harvesting on all the vegetables I grow. This is the planting video for radishes. Why not subscribe? My First Vegetable Garden.

Radishes are cool season vegetables. They like the spring and fall. Warm weather causes them to bolt and produces flowers. The radish at this point becomes woody and it is really inedible. Cool weather is the key to great radishes.

Radishes like loose soil and I amend my soil with peat moss to really loosen it up and it will retain moisture. I recommend NOT fertilizing your radishes. Extra nitrogen tends to create more leaf and less radish. Because radishes mature in about 25 days from sprouting, you don''t really need to over fertilize them. They will use what is available and any compost or organic matter you have been adding over time.

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