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Monday, September 9, 2013

Growing Peas with Cilantro & Trellising Peas Up a Single Stake

Growing Container Peas with Cilantro 
& Trellising Peas Up a Single Stake

As I have mentioned peas are a great cool weather vegetable. My container peas are doing really well this fall. One way you can plant peas in a container is with other herbs or leafy vegetables. The herbs need the lower space above the container and the peas will use the higher space.

I am growing cilantro and arugula in an over-seeded method with my container peas. Because you just want the herb leaves for you kitchen, you are not letting the cilantro and arugula grow to full size. They will do great beneath your peas.

I recommended only 2 or 3 pea plants in 5 gallon container when growing other herbs with them. You don't want a big bulky trellis in there making it hard to get your herbs and you don't want to many pea plants shading out the lower plants.

When growing 2 pea plants in a container the best way to trellis them is up a single stake. The video gives you some basic tips on how to do this and tie they to the stake.

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