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Friday, September 27, 2013

Thank You! What Vegetable Garden Videos Would You Like to See for The 2014 Gardening Season?

Thank You! What Vegetable Garden Videos 
Would You Like to See for The 2014 Gardening Season?

I really want to thank everyone for allowing me to have a lot of fun sharing a hobby I am very passionate about . That of course is vegetable gardening.

This blog, The Rusted Vegetable Garden started about 5 or so years ago. I think I made my first YouTube video 3 or 4 years ago. Everything I create here stems from just enjoying gardening. Slowly my blog started getting visited and that was inspiring. Last January I had under 1000 YouTube subscribers and by next January I should be approaching 100000 visitors and I don't understand why. I really don't understand it.  However, I greatly appreciate the kind comments and appreciate the time you give to watching my videos. It really helps further strengthen my passion. I thank you deeply for the interest and conversations.

In December of last year Google launched G+ Communities and I of course needed not one but six or so vegetable gardening communities. They grew in member size and it hit me that vegetable gardening is a shared world wide phenomenon made up enthusiastic, kind and generally good people. We need more gardeners in politics but don't let me get on that soapbox. I think you would agree it is really amazing we can talk about and share, our passion and our gardens, in an instant. That is very cool!

I do this out of a peace of mind and soul I get from physically gardening and talking about it. I also like creating blogs, G+ communities and YouTube videos. I get to really tie together two things I enjoy. If you share this passion I really encourage you to follow it and make a few of your own videos. I'd be glad to help too. Just leave me your questions somewhere. 

I've been asked if I make money off videos. My answer is yes (YouTube makes it quite easy) but I still have to work my full time job. But... it is nice to get a few extra bucks for what else.... garden supplies! In fantasy land I'd like this to be my full time job but I don't think gardening videos are going to get as many views as 'tongue wagging' and 'twerking.' I may be older, but I stay informed to keep my kids in check.

I am making my plans for the 2014 vegetable gardening season. I was wondering if you all have any suggestions for YouTube video topics. I would love the input and gladly work on the requests.



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