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Monday, September 23, 2013

Part 1 of 6: Securing and Heat Sources for Vegetable Garden Greenhouses

Part 1 of 6: Securing and Heat Sources
 for Vegetable Garden Greenhouses

I am going to do a 6 part series on collapsible greenhouses you can buy in a store. This greenhouse is 6 x 8 feet and it was purchased  for 75% off at Big Lots. It only cost about $30. I think it was worth the investment. My goal is to grow lots of greens as far as I can into the winter. But I do have a few tomatoes in there. Salad just isn't right with out tomatoes.

The series will cover many aspects of fall gardening with a greenhouse. I will cover, in this video, methods of securing the plastic and frame from wind and how to create radiating heat sources for extra night time warmth. Other topics will cover cool weather crops, disease prevention, temperature, over-wintering peppers and possibly (if I decide to keep the greenhouse up through late December and January) full heating elements.

I invite you to learn about using a fall greenhouse to extend your gardening season by several months. I live in Maryland Zone 7, so these techniques are geared to my typical fall and winter temperatures.

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