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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My New Garden YouTube Channel Dedicated to New Vegetable Gardeners

My New Garden YouTube Channel 
Dedicated to New Vegetable Gardeners

I have launched my 2nd gardening YouTube Channel that is focused 100% on new or relatively new gardeners. I added a private G+ Gardening Community that is only for new gardeners.  Just check out the community and ask to join: My First Vegetable Garden. My goal is to teach and help motivate people to start a garden.

My first video is about what else.... understanding what gardening zone you are in and that there are cool and warm weather crops. I will be making dozens of videos to explain every aspect of gardening as if you don't  know anything. It is a great place to learn, ask questions and grow a vegetable garden. Learn with others as they learn and grow!

Please help me in spreading the word to new gardeners. If you could send this along your social media I will be greatly appreciated! If you have the time please subscribe and help me launch my new channel. Thanks for your support. Good luck in your garden!

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